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About Us


Operating out of the old Court House building on the main street of Pinjarra, the Court House is a space for creatives, entrepreneurs, businesses and other like minds to cowork, cocreate and coinnovate

Following the global trend of coworking and streering away from traditional office space, the Court House is  place to connect, collaborate and share knowledge with other ambitious people in your area

It has up to 7 hot desks and a meeting room available to be booked online at not cost and hosts regular workshops and events that could help your business, venture or project grow!

It is also home to a 'Makers Residence' with creatives able to do residencies at the Court House to take time out to develop their creative practice, launch their products, try a concept or test the location with little investment  


The Court House is a partnership between the Shire of Murray and the Community

and a social enterprise


We encourage creativity and innovation in all shapes and forms and are committed to great outcomes and the future of the region


We aim to influence positive change through the community and bring our makers and innovators together to co work and collaborate

We host and deliver exciting events and workshops to raise awareness, educate, develop our creative class and support our small businesses, freelancers, sole traders and entrepreneurs!


"Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time"

- Bill Gates

We are powered by our partners 

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